The Too Cold Brand - About Us

The 2 Degrees Brand is all about empowering intelligence in the community, reaching full potential, and becoming the coldest version of yourself.

The journey began in 2015, when Jonathan Curry (brand owner & CEO) received his Bachelor of Science from Purdue University. The 2 Degrees concept was born in 2017 after Jonathan received his Master’s Degree from Jacksonville State University.

The first design was created featuring an original 2, with a degree symbol. Jonathan officially embarked on the journey inspiring others to become the coldest version of themselves in 2018, selling the first shirts. The Revolutionary Roman Numeral & Too Cold concept was introduced in 2021, with a design featuring ice cubes in dice format. H.O.L.M.A. (Hustlers Only Love More Abundance), LLC was filed on April 15, 2023. The Too Cold Brand has now expanded, featuring a variety of logos including Too Cold University, Penguins, the Signature & Infamous Roman Numeral (see catalog, products pictured)


“Every time I rock Too Cold Merch I gain confidence. I’d like to share that confidence with others”


  • Jonathan Curry, CEO


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